The riches have become so outrageous (and will become more so) that the NFL and its franchises keep as many financial secrets as possible. We've discovered that here with the NFL's refusal to come clean on its demands for tens of millions in free stuff for the 2018 Super Bowl, and for the refusal of the Vikings and U.S. Bank to confirm details of the naming rights deal for the new stadium.

Fortunately, the Green Bay Packers are publicly owned, and thus required to release a financial statement. That statement came out Monday and it was revealed that the team received $226.4 million as its share of national revenue for 2014.

Equal dollars were sent to the 31 remaining teams, of which the Vikings are one.

– an increase of $132.65 million in four years.

Folks, don't forget to send in those checks for your licenses to buy tickets at very inflated prices in the new dome … Zygi needs the dough.

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