It seems like a no brainer to parents like me.  I don’t want dangerous chemicals in products designed for my children. With a growing list of developmental disorders affecting more and more American children, making sure their food, shampoo and other products are safe is just common sense.
But common sense isn’t as common as we would all like at the state capitol ... where this issue has been a slow starter.  The good news is that our state has taken baby steps (excuse the pun) recently by banning the toxic chemical BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups.  The bad news is that BPA and other problem chemicals are in many other products for kids.  

I find that parents are common sense people.  It may be because we just don’t have the time or energy for anything else.  So I would wager that if common sense is going to reach the capitol, it is parents who will have to deliver it personally.  So here is your chance.  A wide array of people and organizations concerned about children’s health are having an informational meeting at the capitol on Monday.  No marching and chanting, just real conversations about how to best protect our kids with the people who can make it happen.  Learn more and participate by visiting the Healthy Legacy website.

And while you are waiting for the politicians to get to work, you can download handy tips
to help your family avoid toxic chemicals.

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