I am still immersed in training for the Iron Girl duathlon.

Last weekend I went on a long and brutal bike ride full of rolling hills. This time instead of having snippets of kids songs running through my brain, I started waxing philosophical within my helmeted head. I began making broad analogies between biking and parenting as I chugged along.

For every uphill, there's a downhill. Some difficult phases seem to go on forever but then you're rewarded with a little downhill glide. That effortless ease is something you can tap into to give you energy, strength and momentum for the next inevitable uphill battle.  

Parenting may feel like a race some days, but it is not a competition.

Go at your own pace, don't worry what everyone else is doing. What methods work for some don't work for others.

Just do your best. 

Take a break when you need one. 


In parenting no one hands you a medal, and there really is no finish line.   

It always helps to get support and motivation from others along the way .