Sean Hannity's hour-long show broadcast from yesterday's Bachmann/Palin rally in Minneapolis was largely uneventful, except for an interesting moment toward the end of the show.

Hannity asked the crowd how they would feel about a possible Michele Bachmann/Sarah Palin presidential ticket in 2012.

As they cheered, Palin remarked, "Well that sounds kinda cool."

When Hannity asked Palin whether she was considering running, she largely hedged her bets.

Palin: "As I have said, I'm not going to close any doors that perhaps would be open. Michelle and I both, we have strong faith that we, fighting as hard as we can for our country and supporting those who share our values, share our principles and at the same time, putting our lives in God's hands and asking him for direction."

And Bachmann?

Bachmann: "I want to thank Governor Palin for breaking the barrier by being a woman as the vice president on the ticket. She did a wonderful job, I think, as the vice-presidential candidate. And I think the world is her oyster. If she wants to run, I think that she has tremendous support from the American people."

Regarding the "barrier," it seems Bachmann may have forgotten about 1984 VP candidate Geraldine Ferraro (chosen by none other than Minnesota native Walter Mondale).


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