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Good. Great. Fine.

Near as I can tell, there are some people uncomfortable with Cam Newton. They think he celebrates too much. They think he should be more humble. Some of this is thinly veiled racism. Some of it is personal taste. Some of it is honest discussion. Much of it exists in corners of the Internet in which I do not often inhabit.

What does have to do with Newton? Well, nothing really … except for an opinion piece published today in which these two worlds collided under the headline: “Cam Newton and kids don’t mix.”

Newton has been a sore subject in Green Bay since the #SignGate scandal of 2015, but nevertheless: the piece is beyond nonsense. That said, you might disagree. Here’s a snippet:

Newton may never wear a whistle around his neck, but he is about to become a pseudo coach for a whole generation of kids — both white and black. And the longer those kids see a Heisman Trophy winner, a national champion, an NFL MVP and potential Super Bowl champion dance and wear out selfie sticks, they will start to think that behavior is commonly accepted.

And like I said before, I don’t have a problem with Newton doing those things in an NFL game. If an NFL player got enraged enough, he would send a message to Newton and anyone else that football games aren’t a place to get noticed for “Star Search.”

Typically, this sort of piece would go largely unnoticed on a national level, but it made the rounds on social media Friday — causing, it would appear, some commenters who wouldn’t typically be mingling with the regulars on to trek over there. That gave us an interesting juxtaposition of burial and praise:

I kept reading waiting for the turn, for the punchline. It never came. … I hope Cam steamrolls the Broncos and dances his way to the MVP. This hot take is beyond asinine.


I have watched 49 Super Bowl games on TV, I won’t be watching number 50. I refuse to enable the assinine (sic) antics of cam newton. Do it Broncos, just do it!

And maybe my favorite tongue-in-cheek comment:

Yeah, can you believe Cam? He should reign (sic) in his arrogant self-promoting antics so the kids know how to behave in a humble manner. Imitate putting on a championship belt after you make a play, Cam. And, I wish he’d stop handing the ball to kids in the stands after he scores. Pick up a teammate, put him on your shoulders and twirl him around instead. Show some class!

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