Q: Help!!! Have you heard anything about "Outlander"? Love the series but I know COVID-19 has probably slowed filming.

A: It did. What was originally planned as a production start almost a year ago was delayed until just recently. And, as you can imagine, production under COVID-19 protocols has been challenging for this as well as other shows.

"Outlander" star Sam Heughan, in a recent New York Times interview, said this about acting in the COVID-19 age: "It's not so much the protocols that are difficult — you have to wear a mask, you have to social distance where you can — it's more the psychology of it. Certainly when you first start a job, everyone's very tense, very aware. Of course the protocols are there for your own good, but everyone struggles with feeling like you're being repressed or not being yourself, or going against your own instincts as a human being. When you see somebody you haven't seen for a while, you want to give them a hug or touch them or get closer to them. You're having to go against your instincts as an actor on set, where you're supposed to use your instincts to portray a character. So it is a really weird situation, but you get used to it."

News on renewals

Q: I have been binge-watching "Money Heist" on Netflix and "The Restaurant" on Sundance Now. Will there be more of them?

A: "The Restaurant," a Swedish drama, will have four new episodes on Sundance Now beginning March 25. Airing under the name "The Restaurant: 1951," these episodes backtrack to events between the series' first and second seasons. A fifth and final season of the Spanish thriller "Money Heist" is in the works and should arrive later this year.

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