Outer space fishing


During one of my senior moments I was taking a nap, I had a fishing dream. I was thinking about a fishing trip with a new age charter service. Fishing some water that no one I knew had ever fished. Pristine, untouched by human hands. No garbage laying at the public access. Maybe catching a fish no one had ever heard of before. Frying it up at a shore lunch and thinking to myself, wait until the folks back home see the photos.


The ship was sent for me, had heard I was a great fisherman and was sent specially to pick me up and fly me off to test these new waters. I hadn’t seen a jet boat like this before so I hopped in for the dreams sake. They had the coolest fishing vests, sort of a life jacket with air packs for hovering over rapids and little patches over the pockets that said, Lunarfishing dot com. 


Once on board the craft they gave me a new fishing rod that required no reel.  It’s a totally new concept in rod design that the fishing rod itself contains all the line internally at whatever pound test you dial up in the no longer cork handles, but a new space age material called “fishtonite”.


You hit the only button on the rod handle with your index finger when you cast single-handedly (and by the way, all the local guys on shore were one handed )anyhow, out shoots the line at a pre set electronically scanned distance’s to make precise casts.  My three eyed fishing guide said I was natural.


The rod had a built in fish locator that scanned the waters surface and beeped a stronger signal as I waved the rod ever closer to the fish specie I was after and it worked on streams or lakes. What a rod, the end guide lit up, set the casting distance and even offered suggested lures if I had it on automatic, instead of on lunar mode.


It was really a friendly crew and they said for just a regular two eyed multi handed guy they would send me a fishing pole to use back home. They asked if I wanted a left or right handed model, I chose a lefty because I was in the right side of my brain.



They asked me for my home address when I got done fishing, I was to be lunar fishing dot coms first field tester in one very big electric field. I was buzzing. They said this new rod May help me catch a few more fish. Oh I was happy.  I said you can reach me at   ………..the trout whisperer @ Planet earth, Northern hemisphere, State of Minnesota, amidst the southern  fringe of one fine Canadian Shield, yet  Under the canopy of The Laurentian Mixed Forest, surrounded by  the Arrowhead region,  and beholden to, lake county   Sincerely, out of his inter galactic mind, the trout whisperer………p.s.  I am expecting a package any day now.

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