1 The coy album title, cute-kitty cover art and surprise release were all indicative of the fun music on Wilco's "Star Wars," issued as a free download via www.wilco world.net without warning last week. It's a playful record, but by no means one to avoid taking seriously. Sputtering rockers such as "More…" would make great new Pavement tunes, and the gorgeously unfolding epic "You Satellite" is one of several tracks likely to go down as a future live staple for one of the best live bands in the land.

2 The wild screwball transgender comedy film "Tangerine" stars talented first-time actresses Kitana Kiki Rodriguez and Mya Taylor, each the epitome of a dumb blonde and rambunctious comedian. They play two sex workers halfway through male to female who spend 24 hectic hours racing across the seediest neighborhoods of Los Angeles in search of happiness and humanity. This ribald, raucous sex comedy is stacked high with laughs — and is all the more remarkable for being entirely shot on an iPhone 5s.

3 Ryan Underbakke's interactive adaptation of Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" takes place in some dimly lit basement hallways and rooms under the stage of the Children's Theatre. The high-octane show teems with atmospheric and environmental stimuli, immersing audience members into something akin to an action movie or a video game. It's a short show that never lets up. www.childrens­theatre.org

4 A.J. Rich's twisty crime thriller "The Hand That Feeds You" opens with a bang, or maybe a fang, as young Morgan Prager discovers a brutish crime scene in her Brooklyn apartment. The prime suspects in the killing of a man she had been dating are her three dogs. They are thrown into doggy jail, and Morgan, a student of criminal pathology, sets out to discover what really happened. Did Bennett fake his own death? Morgan is not above going on a bender or seeking random hookups as she pursues the painful truth about her ex and her own past.

5 Nothing suits the appetites of Lake Minne­tonka bike-trail users better than Dakota Junction (2281 Commerce Blvd., Mound). Flavorful slow-roasted pork is funneled into tacos and panini; just-picked fixings are used to build a superb BLT, and there's a memorable rendition of the pride of Iowa, the loose meat sandwich. A wicked good plate of huevos rancheros could fuel a 50-mile bike trip; ditto the stick-to-your-ribs stuffed meatballs. There's a well-chosen beer and wine selection, too.