I bird most often in a nearby wooded area holding one large pond and two smaller. There are cattails and marsh grass. This is where I've watched the kingfishers feed. There are Baltimore Orioles here, one pair or two. I want to find an oriole nest, so I watch the birds closely. Monday nigght and again on Tuesday, minutes before sunset, a male oriole swept down from a tree into the cattail-grass mix in front of me. I hoped it would gather nesting material, give me a chance to locate the nest. No. It flitted among the cattails and the grass, always flying low, grabbing a new perch every few seconds. I think it was foraging for insects on the grass stems. It moved in an impatient manner for three or four minutes, then flew into the woods. The light was perfect, a strip of sunlight coming from behind me, much of the marsh and its surrounds in shade, the bird glowing.