Some fishing seasons don't need to be opened or closed, because some folks don't fish or care about fishing, simply because as times have changed and we've come to regulate not only real fish, or fish we care about, short fish or fish that are too long, fish that survive, and in some cases, in spite of us, actually thrive, why we even have laws for all those clipped, tagged, hybrid, wired, micro chipped fish or what I call the toy fish. Keep in mind that this is with less and less fisher folk every year. We even have a litany of fishing licenses just to make it easier for everyone or someone or somebody to participate and not follow the rules of the day. In Minnesota we even have fish nobody cares about, with no fishing season or harvest limits or license required. Check me on this, there is a legal list of rough fish. We have harvest laws for one type of fish, i.e., brook trout that have different limits for what's caught in a lake, versus what's, caught in a river. If you catch two walleyes in this lake its legal and somehow you better be able to prove it all the while three is legal just a puddle of water away and in a different Seechi disc reading, six is the legal limit. If you clean the fish, then transport or move the two- three- four- five, or six dr suess fish, did you leave just enough sushi next to the skin, to prove there the fish, you can legally keep. Don't spear a sturgeon, or a crappie, no not this this one, but that northern pike fish, frog fork the heck out of it. Treble hook here, single hook there, and barbless hook yonder, makes you stop and wonder. You can argue until your blue in the face, lead a horse to water, talk is cheap, Action speaks louder than words, and the list of personal excuses is in my life forever long and getting longer. She doesn't listen. She does not pay attention. She will not learn. She will not fish, she sez its stupid, too many rules, how can it even be fun wondering what law your perhaps breaking. I have tried over the years to get that specific woman to listen to me about this particular item, a very specific request, one of my detailed points, with respect to the way one could approach fishing. My point, my side of the issue, my argument if you will, has to date fallen on deaf ears, and once again, just sitting next to the fire, I can tell she's listening to me like a far off train going past. The trout whisperer

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