My last pregame question of the Vikings' season is this:

Will they play hard?

The Vikings are without a slew of key players. The Bears are without young quarterback Justin Fields and nose tackle Akiem Hicks, their most intriguing (Fields) and best (Hicks) players.

So will the Vikings play hard in what could be Mike Zimmer's last game as Vikings' head coach?

My guess is that they will. This franchise has a lot of problems, but player effort and coaching intensity have not been among them.

I don't see this team quitting on Zimmer the way the Vikings quit on Brad Childress in 2010, which led to his firing.

And without Hicks in the lineup, the Vikings should be able to run the ball effectively.

This could be an idealized version of Zimmer football: a power running game creating easy passing opportunities and keeping an undermanned defense off the field.