'Passage of Dreams'

Musical theater company Theater Latté Da has established itself with solid, quirky takes on little-known works. But for the world premiere of "Passage of Dreams," it adds an unusual twist: The three-part series of musicals will be staged without its performers ever touching the ground. In essence, the triptych combines musical theater with trapeze and aerial performance. Latté Da commissioned the work in partnership with New York University's Write/Act Festival from the New York-based team of playwright Katie Baldwin Eng and composer Jeff Tang, and the results promise to be a feast for eyes and ears alike. Vita.mn hosts an opening night reception 6:30 p.m. Saturday at the Red Stag Supperclub.

  • Jahna Peloquin


Electric Arc Radio: 'Spring of Sam'

In a brand-new episode of Electric Arc Radio, the self-described "Literary-Musical Tragicomedy" troupe picks up where November's "A Very Brady Christmas" left off -- apparently minus longtime "ringleader" Sam Osterhout. The narrative follows Sam's remaining housemates -- Geoff Herbach, Stephanie Ash and Brady Bergeson -- who spend the show attempting to figure out how to live without him. Promotional materials also promise that they will "hot tub" it, "burn stuff" and "maybe do a little frenching." Musical guests include opera singer Andrea Leap and musician Chris Bierbrauer, who no doubt will become characters themselves in the show. The spring two-parter concludes April 11.

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  • Jahna Peloquin


Maria Bamford

Lesser talents may fill theaters with brassier shtick, but standup Maria Bamford's wildly imaginative, multivoiced vignettes and freewheelin' chimera unfailingly tender barking, cathartic laughter. Indeed this is not general c-o-m-e-d-y, spelled with a series of bananas, but a deft and disquiet mindset redolent of David Sedaris and Woody Allen. Don't be surprised if these seven shows mark Bamford's metamorphosis from cult following to household name (well, dormhold at least). In April, the belle of the juggernaut Comedians of Comedy tour will release her third CD, "Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome" (Comedy Central Records), which will include a bonus DVD of webisodes of her sublime DIY, Judy Miller-esque "The Maria Bamford Show." What's more, Bamford will voice science teacher Miracle Grohe on Fox's new animated series "Sit Down, Shut Up," which is a veritable "Arrested Development" cast reunion. Go, Bammer! Tim Harmston and Ben San Del open.

  • Steve Birmingham