'Broken Brain Summit'

In the perplexing land of the neuron, anything can happen -- and we don't really know why. Science has not yet unlocked the mysteries of the brain, so why not let a few actors have their take? In the latest production of "Broken Brain Summit," previously seen at last year's Fringe Festival, stories inspired by true cases of brain injury are told in comic fashion. Dr. Dendrite (John Pieper) gathers researchers for a midnight meeting to explore the depths of broken brains and the people who have to live with them. The show is put on by Interact Center, which offers professional-level training for performers with mental and physical disabilities. Amy Salloway scripted the show and will also perform her own show, "Circumference," on select dates.

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  • Stephanie Dickrell

'High School Musical'

Roll your eyes if you must, but I believe Disney's "High School Musical" is irresistible because of its authenticity. Amid the artifice, this mash-up of "Grease" and "Fame" and "Romeo and Juliet" is a genuine story of kids breaking down barriers and beating the odds. But the touring production in town this week completely misses the sweet heart of this fluffy confection. Jeff Calhoun's staging is stuffed with vaudeville, shtick, mugging, actors begging for laughs -- in a nutshell, the difference between performing and acting -- though it's still a kick when all the voices come together.

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  • Graydon Royce