The nation is just brimming with togetherness right now, and Surly Brewing is doing its part to contribute to those warm and fuzzies with its latest beer just ahead of Inauguration Day.

It’s called "Thanks Obama."

Now, before you start throwing things, consider that the folks at Surly intended this controversial moniker to be taken two ways.

First, there’s the popular meme – featuring angry constituents sarcastically thanking Obama for everything from what they see as harmful policies to spilling their coffee.

(Surly suggests you ask a young person if you don’t know what a meme is.)

The other way it can be taken, of course, is sincerely, such as these celebrity thank yous to the outgoing president.

Yeah, Surly is being a little bit of a troll – to both sides – but really, folks, it’s meant to be lighthearted and a little bit funny.

OK, since we’ve gotten those disclaimers out of the way, we can now tell you about the beer. It’s a winter rye IPA using a new experimental hop variety and embodying what Surly is calling a “spicy malt character with candied grapes and vanilla cream hop aromas.”

If there’s anything we can bond over these days, it might be good beer – just feel free to read the label with whatever tone you wish.

(For more info on the beer and the brewery release, go here.)