It was a scene of northern Minnesota splendor that could have come straight from an Explore Minnesota brochure: A massive moose crossing Lake Bemidji on a golden Saturday morning, with some fall colors starting to appear.

And Bemidji-area residents and visitors responded, turning out to see the moose and filling social media with posts and photos.

The Beltrami County Sheriff's Office said it had deputies dealing with crowd control, especially in trying to keep curious boaters away.

"If you are boating and come across moose or deer in the water, do not confront them or chase them ... or we will be chasing you," the Sheriff's Office warned on Facebook on Saturday.

Bemidji police asked social media posters to stop sharing the location for the animal's safety. "Let's allow him to get safely out of the water."

Here's some of the best photos and reactions of the day:

The moose reportedly made it off the lake around 3:30 p.m. Saturday, but authorities were expecting to keep an eye out for it and anyone trying to get too close. The best advice from officials: Don't.