This time last year Allison Gerads had no idea what to expect entering her freshman track and field season at Champlin Park. Then she burst onto the Minnesota girls’ high school track scene, finishing second in the Class 2A long jump.

During the offseason, Gerads spent time at Velocity Sports Performance doing strength training to improve for this year. In addition to track and field, the sophomore also plays soccer and basketball and her life seems to revolve around sports. She also participates in multiple track relays and high jump, but said she enjoys long jump the most.

Gerads spoke with the Star Tribune’s Jack Satzinger about what she expects from this track and field season, her hobbies outside of sports and characteristics she’s looking for in a potential college.


Q: What are you looking forward to heading into your sophomore track and field season?

A: I’m looking forward to really focus on long jump. I had a scrimmage and I worked on technique, so that’s what I’m looking forward to.


Q: Did you do anything in the offseason in order to improve?

A: I went to Velocity Sports Performance, which is a training place. So I worked really hard there.


Q: What did you work on in particular?

A: Leg strength and jumping. I worked on jumping workouts.


Q: You finished second in state in the long jump. Did you expect to have that much success as a freshman?

A: Not at all, no. I was going in trying to give it my best, and I guess it really worked out.


Q: Have your marks in the long jump improved at all since last spring?

A: I’ve only jumped once and it was just the scrimmage, so it wasn’t really anything.


Q: What did you jump?

A: Well, I just did two jumps. I had a 17-4 and then I had to run other events.


Q: Last year’s state champion graduated. What would it mean for you to win the title?

A: Oh, wow. I can’t imagine it, but I have to work really hard because I know other people have improved, too.


Q: Are there any other events in track and field that you participate in?

A: Last year I was in the 4x100, 4x200, and high jump.


Q: Are there any events out of those that you like the best? Or is long jump your favorite?

A: Long jump is definitely my favorite, but I enjoy all the other ones, too.


Q: Do you play any other sports or just track?

A: I play soccer and basketball.


Q: Do you have any other hobbies outside of sports?

A: It pretty much revolves around sports, but I like to draw.


Q: How long have you been doing that?

A: Since elementary school in art classes and stuff like that.


Q: It’s still a few years away, but have you thought about competing collegiately at all?

A: Yeah, I kind of change my mind a lot. I was thinking basketball, but track really has picked up for me so that is what I’m really hoping to do.


Q: Have any schools reached out to you yet?

A: I’ve gotten a couple letters, but nothing very serious.


Q: What kinds of things would you look for in a college?

A: I really like colleges that have a strong student body, everybody’s like a family, kind of. Also, I like schools that really care about their athletes.