WASHINGTON — President Obama told congressional leaders that having a college football playoff is something everyone can agree upon.

Obama congratulated Ohio State Tuesday for winning the first College Football Playoff national championship game. The Buckeyes beat Oregon 42-20 on Monday night to wrap up the first playoff at the major college football level.

"To the speaker, I just want to point out I said there are going to be some things that we agree on," the president said, referring to John Boehner of Ohio.

"Having a college football playoff is clearly something that we can agree on. I called for it when I came into office. I think it turned out pretty well, particularly for Ohio. So I want to congratulate the Ohio State Buckeyes for their outstanding victory and commend Oregon as well for fielding a great team because their quarterback is from my original home state of Hawaii."

Ducks Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota went to high school in Honolulu.

Obama called for a playoff to decide a champion at college football's highest level when he took office back in 2008.