Mike Zimmer on Wednesday said he doesn't know "what a game manager is, really," and that whatever it is he doesn't consider Teddy Bridgewater to be one.

But in the strictest sense of a quarterback being labeled a "game manager," the connotation is a QB who doesn't take too many chances, relying instead on prudent decisions to put the team in a position to succeed.

In other words, it was how Zimmer described Bridgewater, at least with one description: "I guess maybe one of the best statistics is that he doesn't hurt his team ever. Very rarely does he hurt his team."

fighting hawks North Dakota picked a nickname, "Fighting Hawks," but the real winners are all of us not having to hear about the debate any more.

tragic Former NFL QB Doug Flutie posted on Facebook that both of his parents died within an hour of each other Wednesday, both of heart attacks.