More than 130 dogs have been seized from a commercial dog breeder in north-central Minnesota as part of an animal-cruelty investigation, authorities said Thursday.

The seizure occurred Tuesday in Pine River, about 30 miles north and west of Brainerd, and was carried out by the Cass County Sheriff’s Office, the Pine River Police Department, the Animal Humane Society and the Heartland Animal Rescue Team.

There were 102 dogs and 29 puppies seized, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Donna Wambeke, executive director of the Heartland Animal Rescue Team, participated in the seizure and said multiple breeds were involved.

She declined to describe the condition of the dogs, adding that she did not see anyone on the property apprehended.

She added that the animals “won’t be available for adoption for the next several weeks” as the investigation continues.

Authorities have yet to offer details about what brought them to the property.

Onetime Pine River kennel operator Carmen Swendsen described the property where the seizure occurred as “a puppy mill, actually,” which was operating on the east side of town. Swendsen declined to say anymore.