My Mom died in March of 2014.  I've spent the past months going through her life.  Her keepsakes and memories.  She left a few notes in boxes for whoever might be going through the box later on, something to the effect of "Isn't this cool stuff!" And yes, some of it really was.  Like the postcards from to my Grandma that were dated over a 100 years ago, along with many old pictures from the early 1900's, some of my 7 siblings baby bracelets, a baptismal dress that we were all baptised in.  Just about the time my sister mentioned running into something weird I opened a bag and found hair, yes hair, from me and my sisters first few  hair cuts.  So for this Christmas, Mom's playing Santa Claus.  I have wrapped up the things that she has saved over the years, for whatever reason and it's going to be the gifts in our family Christmas game.  Merry Christmas and Thank You Mom!