Erin died alone, on January 5, in the middle of the night from a severe asthma attack while waiting for a cab to take her to the emergency room.

Erin was a creative, free spirit who lived life on her own terms.  Her fondness for bangle bracelets, tuorquise jewelry and brightly colored hair scarves gave her the nickname of "Gypsy".   Erin gave her friends and family memories which stretch from Oregon to Minneapolis and south to Santiago, Chile.  Erin was hardworking and gave goodness and kindness to everyone she met.

"She taught me how not to take life so seriously." 

"She showed me that someone can love me and treat me like I was the best thing that happened to them".

The gift of Erin's heart, pancreas, kidneys and tissues to people in need allow her to live on in others.  Living is giving ... and giving the gift of life to others is quite a legacy to leave at age 24!