Twin Cities arranger and composer Sanford Moore played the piano while conductor Yolande Bruce led the choir in an especially spirited service on Sunday, Jan. 18, at Fellowship Baptist Missionary Church in north Minneapolis.

The occasion was the installation of the Rev. David A. Keaton as the third pastor of the influential 21-year-old congregation. The service was attended by more than a dozen ministers, some from nearby churches but others from as far away as Buffalo, N.Y., where Keaton most recently served, and Roanoke, Va., where he grew up. Keaton’s father, civil rights leader the Rev. Joseph Keaton, delivered a message.

“I’m just here to do God’s work,” said David Keaton. “We have a great congregation and superb leadership. With that combination, a pastor’s job is pretty easy.”

Keaton is married to Kimberly Boswell Keaton. They have twins, Joseph and Joelle.