Officers' deaths tragic

The relatives of Lovelle Mixon, the murderer of four Oakland police officers stated that "He wasn't a monster.'' What would law-abiding citizens call him then? He was wanted on a warrant for gun possession and a lengthy criminal history, according to reports. He shot four officers (dedicated to protecting the public), in cold blood rather than stand up before a judge and face the punishment he deserved. So he got the punishment he deserved.

The goals of a police officer are to keep the public safe, but more importantly, go home to their families at the end of the day. He stole the future of four families when he pulled the trigger and murdered their fathers, brothers and sons.



Listen up, leaders

Mr. Delaney's recent column titled, "The Lure Of Leverage'' [March 23, Star Tribune], is the first article I've read that describes several of the root causes of this nation's financial woes (in addition to greed and irresponsible actions on the part of Wall Street, regulators, rating agencies and consumers). The negative effects of the legislative actions taken by Congress over the past decade reinforces what I call "the law of unintended consequences," which always seems to follow such poorly crafted and ill-advised government policy.

This article should be mandatory reading for President Obama and leaders on Capitol Hill. It would provide a valuable blueprint for constructive reform legislation rather than their punitive "knee-jerk'' tax proposals that pander to voters, ignore the "rule of law,'' and trample our Constitution.



Reach out and help

My mother was a child during the Depression. She told me that her family was poor, but it didn't matter because everyone was poor.

She lived on the North side. The Ascension parish. And her aunt Annie Jeub was the last line of defense. If a family was too poor, hungry, needed clothes, Aunt Annie stepped in to take care of it. Found food. Clothing.

We aren't as connected now. There is no Aunt Annie. But they do come to food shelves, used clothing racks.

I don't remember who said it, but "If you have something you aren't using, you are a thief.'' Support the food shelves and clean out your closet. Someone needs what you have to give.



Lunacy at border

President Obama seems to believe Mexico's drug problems are our fault and responsibility to deal with ["U.S. sending more agents to Mexican border,'' March 25].

So he sends 360 border agents from some other border location to the Mexican border. And gives Mexico $700 million in aid and $30 million in TARP money to local authorities. How nutty can we get? Most, if not all, of the agents and money will be used to check Americans and others going into Mexico!

Seems to me using these resources to prevent illegal entry and employment would pretty much stop the illegal entry of drugs and people, and stop those billions of remittances to Mexico.

In other words, thanks to President Obama our borders are much less secure and many more illegals will be free to trespass into the United States.