A pair of alleged burglars were busted Thursday in Blue Earth County after they butt-dialed 911.

A dispatcher got a 911 call from a cell phone at 3:42 a.m., according to the Sheriff's Office, and could hear two men talking. They didn't respond to her, but she continued to listen in, Capt. Rich Murry said Thursday. Based on their conversation, she believed the men might be committing theft or burglary.

"She heard enough that made her suspicious," Murry said.

The dispatcher traced the call and sent Blue Earth deputies and Mankato police to the 3500 block of 3rd Avenue, just north of the Mankato city limits. The officers found two men hiding inside the Blue Earth County gun range. A woman was waiting in a vehicle nearby.

Investigators say the men broke into North Mankato Supply, across the road, ransacking the inside and taking cash and other items. They arrested the two men and the woman, who are being held in Blue Earth County Jail. They will likely be charged Friday with third-degree burglary, Murry said.

The unintentional call was lengthy: The dispatcher monitored the line for 34 minutes.

"You can't make that stuff up," Murry said.