They've been aufed.

Or in this case, they've been resurected in the name of fun.

Remember "Project Runway" and its rise to popularity? (Yeah, uh ... Neither have we. Just read about it once.) It's safe to assume most - if not all - sports uniforms wouldn't stand a chance in any kind of reality fashion show.

Oftentimes the bad is remembered more than the good. In the case of sports uniforms, once a team's look goes classic it's really all downhill. Very, very downhill.

See all 20 of our choices (and more than a dozen others that didn't quite make the cut) by clicking here.

Star Tribune reporters and editors gathered Wednesday night for our third Virtual Happy Hour draft. This week, it was the best of the worst: forgettable sports uniforms.

They range from unattractive to nightmarish to neon. They are local and global. And they are all likely never to see daylight again.

Here are the draft results. If you want to see photos, and how people reacted to the choices during our Virtual Happy Hour, click here:

1.    Timberwolves "Tree-Era" jerseys (Chris Carr, sports editor)
2.    Nashville Predators all-yellow (Chris Hine, Timberwolves writer)
3.    1960s era Denver Broncos yellow-on-brown (Ben Goessling, Vikings writer)
4.    Phoenix Coyotes western-motif (Naila-Jean Meyers, senior assistant sports editor)
5.    Vancouver Grizzlies 1990s era teal (Andrew Krammer, Vikings writer)
6.    New York Islanders 1995-97 road jerseys (Ken Chia, copy editor)
7.    Dallas Stars 1993-94, with Texas shoulder patch (Randy Johnson, Puck Drop editor)

8.    Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin, "Aboriginal-inspired" figure-skating get-up (Rachel Blount, Olympics writer)
9.    White Sox 1976 collared-shirts-and-shorts (Joe Christensen, Gophers editor)
10.    Team USA 1999 Ryder Cup Sunday Singles polos (Brian Stensaas, sports website editor)
11.    Maryland Terrapins “flag-themed” (Stensaas)
12.    Florida Marlins 1993 teal (Christensen)
13.    John Daly’s pants (Blount)
14.    Twins 1999 “Turn Ahead the Clock” large logo (Johnson)
15.    Arizona Diamondbacks 2016 road greys with snakeskin speckles (Chia)

16.    Pittsburgh Steelers bumblebee alternates (Krammer)
17.    Vancouver Canucks red-and-yellow “V” (Meyers)
18.    Jacksonville Jaguars brown-mustard color rush (Goessling)
19.    Seattle Seahawks neon green color rush (Hine)
20.    Kentucky basketball, 1990s stripes and denim (Carr)