Jonathan Franzen / Star Tribune photo by Jakub Mosur
Jonathan Franzen (“Freedom”) and Gary Shteyngart each will be in the Twin Cities on Sept. 21. Franzen is at the Fitz in St. Paul for Talking Volumes, and Shteyngart (“Super Sad True Love Story”) is at Magers & Quinn.
Gary Shteyngart
This would have been a tough decision, but since Franzen is sold out, so if you don’t have a ticket, go to Shteyngart. And listen to the Franzen interview rebroadcast Sept. 23 on MPR’s “Midmorning.”
Meantime, Franzen-mania continued Tuesday at a book-launch party in New York. The event, reported in the Styles section of the New York Times on Thursday, drew such literary notables as New Yorker fiction editor Deborah Treisman, FSG President (and “Freedom” dedicatee) Jonathan Galassi (whose new Leopardi translations come out this fall) and novelists Josh Ferris, Mark Costello and Zadie Smith.
For those speedy readers who have finished “Freedom,” what do you think? How does it compare to “The Corrections”?