short takes

Ripping the stat guys

Detroit coach Mike Babcock is the latest to complain at the Panthers' philanthropic off-ice officials after Florida outshot the Red Wings 41-27.

"When we hit the net, it's supposed to count [as a shot]. When they miss the net, it's not supposed to [count]. The NHL can figure that out," Babcock said.

Old Panthers GM Rick Dudley once went bonkers on Florida's off-ice officials in the middle of a game for generous shot credits. That was during one of the two successive years Roberto Luongo set NHL records for shots against and saves.

Tough love for rookie

The Sabres suspended rookie defenseman Nikita Zadorov for a game because he didn't arrive back from the Dominican Republic on time Monday after the All-Star break. He and his girlfriend were bumped off their Sunday flight.

"I think it's just the right thing to do with the kid to teach him a lesson," Sabres GM Tim Murray told WGR-AM radio. "I think it's the right thing to do with our veteran players to show them we're paying attention. The kid got caught in a situation where it really wasn't his fault, but don't get caught in those situations.

"We're trying to change the culture here."

Get 'em hooked up

Washington Capitals coach Barry Trotz likes the idea of hockey players wearing GoPros.

"Down south, NASCAR's the leader in putting you in the driver's seat, if you will," Trotz said. "There's no reason at our level that you couldn't put people in the driver's seat to see what the player sees. I think that's where the league's ending up, and I think that's where they ultimately want to get to, is have the ultimate fan experience."

Unhappy with Semin

Carolina coach Bill Peters is souring on mercurial Alex Semin, who has one goal in 26 games.

"We just play the guys who dig in and work and play with speed in both directions and play hard. It's not hard," Peters said. "Obviously something's not right."