Biggest jump: Cowboys No. 22 to No. 16

Biggest fall: Colts No. 21 to No. 26

1. Patriots, 10-2 (Last week: 1)

If there’s a Classless WWE Play of the Year, Rob Gronkowski clinched the belt on Sunday.

2. Steelers, 10-2 (3)

They’ve mastered the art of playing down to an opponent, stomping the gas and making the kick.

3. Vikings, 10-2 (4)

Oh, what the heck. Dive in, fans. This just might be the year Lucy doesn’t pull the ball away at the end.

4. Eagles, 10-2 (2)

Philly picked on someone its own size and saw its record against teams with a winning record drop to 1-2.

5. Rams, 9-3 (5)

Coach of the Year Sean McVay gives Rams their first winning season since 2003.

6. Saints, 9-3 (6)

Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara > Adrian Peterson.

7. Seahawks, 8-4 (9)

The Legion of Boom went bust, but don’t sleep on Russell Wilson and Seattle’s veteran savvy.

8. Panthers, 8-4 (7)

Cam Newton ranks 25th in passer rating (83.0) with 11 interceptions. #teamgame.

9. Titans, 8-4 (10)

Marcus Mariota ranks 27th in passer rating (80.4) with 12 interceptions. #teamgame.

10. Jaguars, 8-4 (11)

I know it was Indy, but Blake Bortles deserves a break from being the butt of some jokes.

11. Falcons, 7-5 (8)

Matt Ryan tried to walk through his front door Sunday night, but the Vikings stopped him a yard short.

12. Chargers, 6-6 (12)

Remember when they were 0-4 and the Chiefs were 5-0?

13. Ravens, 7-5 (13)

Wait, what? They’re still hanging around? Joe Flacco still has a pulse?

14. Raiders, 6-6 (17)

They aren’t particularly good. But they don’t have to be to win the AFC West.

15. Bills, 6-6 (14)

5-31. That’s what it feels like to be stuck in the same division with Belichick and Brady for 18 seasons.

16. Cowboys, 6-6 (22)

Welcome back to the NFL, Dak.

17. Packers, 6-6 (20)

Rodgers practices, Packers win, Browns up next. Cue the scary “Jaws” music?

18. Redskins, 5-7 (15)

Kirk Cousins is good. But his defense ranks 30th in points allowed. #teamgame.

19. Lions, 6-6 (16)

They’re sliding toward the abyss, but the schedule-maker has thrown them a Buccaneer to grab on to.

20. Jets, 5-7 (25)

The pundits got it half right. A team from New York did quit on the season. It just wasn’t the Jets.

21. Chiefs, 6-6 (18)

Stay classy, Marcus Peters. Oops. Too late.

22. Cardinals, 5-7 (19)

Peterson (neck) sat while his backup, Kerwynn Williams, ran for 97 yards and a 6.1 average.

23. Buccaneers, 4-8 (22)

They’re pretty lousy, but they’re still fighting.

24. Bengals, 5-7 (24)

Strong start ends with just another loss to a better Steelers team.

25. Dolphins, 5-7 (30)

They stopped a five-game losing streak by dominating one of Denver’s quarterbacks. That counts, right?

26. Colts, 3-9 (21)

Swept by the Jaguars for only the second time since 2002.

27. 49ers, 2-10 (29)

Jimmy Montana-Young, er, I mean Garoppolo puts up five FGs to beat the Bears in his 49ers starting debut.

28. Texans, 4-8 (27)

It’s almost over, Houston.

29. Bears, 3-9 (26)

Ex-Bear Robbie Gould literally kicked his old team when it was down. Five times.

30. Giants, 2-10 (28)

If Ben McAdoo-doo wants to continue evaluating Geno Smith, he’ll have to get DirecTV.

31. Broncos, 3-9 (31)

In desperate need of a quarterback to replace Larry, Curly and Moe, will John Elway turn to another Manning?

32. Browns, 0-12 (32)

Two games clear of the 49ers and Giants with four to go. We must Defend the Draft!