Biggest jump: Cardinals No. 27 to No. 19

Biggest fall: Bears No. 18 to No. 26

1. Patriots, 9-2 (Last week: 1)

Say hello to the league’s first 40-year-old MVP: Tom Brady.

2. Eagles, 10-1 (2)

Sorry, Carson. You’ll win MVP(s) at some point, but, see Brady above.

3. Steelers, 9-2 (3)

It shouldn’t take a last-second 53-yard field goal to beat the Packers, but I’ll keep them above the Vikings.

4. Vikings, 9-2 (4)

Atlanta getting hot at the worst time, but the Vikings’ defense takes a backseat to no team.

5. Rams, 8-3 (6)

Impressive that a young team didn’t let the Vikings loss linger.

6. Saints, 8-3 (5)

Sunday’s loss was a reminder of how badly the Saints need their home-dome advantage.

7. Panthers, 8-3 (7)

Trailing the Jets in the fourth quarter further evidence this team is very vulnerable.

8. Falcons, 7-4 (9)

Here come the defending NFC champs … and their gigantic receiver.

9. Seahawks, 7-4 (10)

They’re shaky. In the third quarter against the 49ers, they led 7-6 with a Blair Walsh missed field goal.

10. Titans, 7-4 (12)

Also shaky. Trailed Indianapolis by 10 until the Colts fumbled inside their own 5-yard line late in the third.

11. Jaguars, 7-4 (8)

Jags are 5-23 in games Blaine Gabbert starts. 5-22 with him and now 0-1 against him.

12. Chargers, 5-6 (16)

Surging Chargers trying not to fall to 0-2 against Hue Jackson.

13. Ravens, 6-5 (15)

They’ve won three of four since looking so flat at U.S. Bank Stadium. All versus backup QBs.

14. Bills, 6-5 (19)

They held K.C. to one first-half first down. Next up: Brady.

15. Redskins, 5-6 (14)

They’re either a good bad team or a bad good team.

16. Lions, 6-5 (11)

It might be too late for this allegedly easy schedule to save Detroit’s playoff hopes.

17. Raiders, 5-6 (21)

A game out in the AFC Worst and a home game against the Giants on Sunday.

18. Chiefs, 6-5 (13)

From 5-0 to 6-5. Sound familiar?

19. Cardinals, 5-6 (27)

Gabbert should thank Jags coach Doug Marrone for some puzzling clock mismanagement.

20. Packers, 5-6 (20)

Puzzling. Brett Hundley follows worst outing in a home game with best half in a game at Pittsburgh.

21. Colts, 3-8 (23)

They compete hard, but they simply can’t protect their QB.

22. Cowboys, 5-6 (17)

Outscored 92-22 during three-game losing streak. Bye-bye, Jerry.

23. Buccaneers, 4-7 (22)

NFC South could have three playoff teams. Everyone except these preseason darlings.

24. Bengals, 5-6 (24)

Unfortunately, NFL rules stipulate that teams can play the Browns only twice in one regular season.

25. Jets, 4-7 (25)

They handed Carolina a win on Sunday. Will they jumpstart the Chiefs this week?

26. Bears, 3-8 (18)

Wow. That first half against Philly was as weak as an NFL team can play. Cleveland included.

27. Texans, 4-7 (26)

Ugh. Deshaun Watson can’t return quick enough.

28. Giants, 2-9 (28)

Something the Giants were thankful for last Thursday: That the NFL hasn’t adopted an 18-game schedule.

29. 49ers, 1-10 (29)

For the few left who care, it’s time to start Jimmy Garoppolo.

30. Dolphins, 4-7 (30)

Matt Moore? Jay Cutler? Does anyone care?

31. Broncos, 3-8 (31)

How can the team of John Elway have Paxton Lynch, Trevor Siemian and Brock Osweiler?

32. Browns, 0-11 (32)

This is your week, Cleveland! Hue might be 0-27 against everyone else, but he owns the Chargers (1-0)!