There’s nothing like a black limousine parked outside the Capitol to spark a little curiosity.

On Tuesday, Capitol visitors couldn’t help but notice a Lincoln limousine with an NFL sign in the window. Inside the Capitol, league officials were meeting with Gov. Mark Dayton about a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings.

Dayton announced Monday he hopes to call a special session in late November to approve a new stadium.

Tuesday evening, NFL officials complained about the characterization of the car.

"It was a regular car, not a limo," NFL VP Brian McCarthy wrote in an e-mail to the Star Tribune.

The license plate in the picture show it is registered as a limousine.

According to Minnesota Driver and Vehicle services, a limousine is defined as "an unmarked luxury passenger automobile that is not a van or station wagon and has a seating capacity of not more than 12 persons, excluding the driver."


NFL limo

NFL limo

NFL limo