Every Tuesday morning, we take a look at where the Vikings would pick in the 2014 NFL Draft if the season ended today.

Note: The first tiebreaker is strength of schedule where the team with the worst strength of schedule percentage wins the tiebreaker and gets a better pick. Strength of schedule is based off the win percentage of a team’s opponents, so there’s two ways to calculate it during the season. One would be to factor in a team’s entire 16-game schedule, or the other method would be to tally the records of games already played (the method used in this blog). At the end of the year, both methods will result in the same SOS percentage.

The Vikings suffered a brutal 29-26 loss to the Ravens on Sunday, but their draft selection did improve over the weekend.

With wins from the Jaguars and Bucs, the Vikings jumped two spots and back into the top five with three games remaining. Here’s how the draft order looks right now (records and strength of schedule, if necessary, in parentheses):

1. Texans (2-11)

2. Rams [via Redskins] (3-10) (.544)

3. Falcons (3-10) (.559)

4. Vikings (3-9-1)

5. Raiders (4-9) (.473)

(Raiders hold strength of schedule tiebreaker over the Jaguars, Bucs, Browns and Bills, who are all 4-9, at the moment)

There’s more separation now within the top five with the Texans remarkably losing 11 straight. After that, there’s two 3-10 teams, which could’ve been the Vikings’ record if they lost to the Packers in Week 12. So here’s our weekly hypothetical look at where the team would pick if they didn’t tie:

1. Texans (2-11)

2. Vikings (3-10) (.508)

3. Rams [via Redskins] (3-10) (.544)

4. Falcons (3-10) (.559)

5. Raiders (4-9) 

The Vikings would have the second pick in the draft at the moment in this situation. The Raiders are the only team in the top five with a worse strength of schedule percentage, but it won’t matter for the Vikings unless another bottom feeding team gets a rare tie in the final three games.