Timberwolves fans sold out Target Center for the unveiling of the franchise’s new logo at Tuesday night’s final home game of the season.

The immediate reaction, though, hints many fans were unimpressed with the redesign.

An informal startribune.com poll showed 46 percent of readers consider it “mediocre” or “awful.” Another 31 percent call it “fine” and only 22 percent consider it “great.”

The disappointment also dominated startribune.com comments and social media buzz. Many commenters combined their frustration with the logo and the on-court product.

“The logo is fine, not very creative,” startribune.com commenter “sgtsmash” wrote. “But I think the basketball ‘moon’ should have been bright white. That would have been sharp. However, that blue moon is symbolic of when the Wolves will put together a winning season.”