A Democratic-leaning organization on Thursday unveiled a television advertisement criticizing Republican U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman for campaign contributions he has received from oil industry interests.

The 30-second ad, featuring a gas pump with ever-increasing prices, is part of a six-figure campaign that will run statewide by the group Alliance for a Better Minnesota.

It challenges Coleman for voting to grant oil and gas companies billions of dollars in tax breaks and says he has accepted $210,000 in campaign contributions from oil company interests.

"Minnesotans are paying more for gas than ever while big oil companies are making billions," the ad charges.

While declining to directly address the campaign contributions, a Coleman campaign spokesman said the senator has a track record of supporting energy independence, including having been a co-sponsor of the nation's first Renewable Fuels Standards, and has voted to shift tax incentives away from oil companies to renewable fuel programs. Coleman also has been an advocate for developing access to domestic energy resources such as coal, gas and oil, the spokesman said.

The ad can be seen at www. allianceminnesota.org.