Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and six City Council members gave some of their pay back to the city last year as other workers faced furloughs.

The city negotiated furloughs with many of its unions and imposed them for some other employees as a way to cut costs amid the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic. Some city officials said they intended to donate money back to the city in solidarity with furloughed workers, while others declined to do so.

A report set for approval later this month details the donations from last year: Lisa Goodman, $1,172.80; Jeremy Schroeder, $1,446.28; Linea Palmisano, $1,758.25; Andrea Jenkins, $1,471.38; Alondra Cano, $1,500; Andrew Johnson, $1,434.09; and Frey, $3,064.70.

City spokeswoman Sarah McKenzie said that in January, Council Member Cam Gordon donated $500, and Council President Lisa Bender donated $1507.84. That follows a report in the Star Tribune that noted the mayor and council members are set to receive raises this year, though some have said they intend to donate the money.