Was it something I said?

In my (2 1/2 star) review of Jun, published last week, I noted that the new North Loop restaurant had recently launched dim sum service. Not only was the kitchen turning out an impressive (and affordable) array of dumplings, buns and other like-minded fare, but it was doing so from the moment the doors opened until the closed. All-day dim sum! File under "P," for Prayers Answered


Co-owners Jessie Wong and Jack Wang have curtailed that ambitious start. Temporarily, anyway.  

“Thank you to all those that have come out to try our dim sum!” reads the message on the restaurant’s Facebook page. “We've had so much demand that our dim sum staff simply can't keep up! To ensure quality and a better dim sum experience, we are limiting dim sum hours to 11a.m. to 2 p.m. daily for the next two weeks, until our additional dim sum chef can arrive. We apologize for any inconvenience meanwhile.”

Plan accordingly. And, go. It’s terrific.