Emily Larson took the oath of office Monday evening as Duluth’s first female mayor, right, at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center. Above, she talked with her husband, Doug Zaun, and children Gabe, 15, far left, and Eli, 12.

A former City Council president and nonprofit consultant, Larson, 42, has said she will focus on street and infrastructure repair, housing, economic development and extending the city’s positive momentum to all neighborhoods. “I’m a little overwhelmed, in a good way,” Larson said after the swearing-in. “I worked hard on the message I wanted to convey. It was such a warm and wonderful reception.”

Larson replaces popular two-term mayor Don Ness, who is credited with bolstering Duluth’s tourism, its entrepreneurial spirit and its image as an outdoorsy city. Ness did not seek re-election. She will lead a slate of new elected officials in Duluth, the state’s fifth-largest city. Incumbent Council Member Zack Filipovich, 25, is expected become the city’s youngest City Council president later this week, a city spokeswoman said.

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