DFL candidate for governor Mark Dayton's new ad, his first since the August primary, makes a clear connection between Dayton, the candidate, and Dayton's, the department store chain.

It is at least the second time Dayton has linked his campaign to Dayton's in a television ad.

Dayton, the candidate, has never been involved in the daily operation of the late chain. His family has been out of the retail giant's operation, now called Target Companies, for decades.The candidate's father was in the last group of Daytons to have an active role in the business.

The ad, which says that Dayton "will make sure we get real value for every dollar" spent by government, appears designed to appeal to those who think state cash is not efficiently spent. That message has been part of the message from Republican candidate Tom Emmer.

Also worth noting: the ad doesn't mention Dayton's time in the U.S. Senate. His one term ended in January of 2007. Instead, it focuses on his time in the 1990s as state auditor. He has mentioned his Senate history in another ad.

The transcript:

For years, the Dayton’s department stores succeeded by giving Minnesotans the best value for their money.

Everything came with a money back guarantee.

Mark Dayton learned that lesson well.

As state auditor he was called the “Taxpayer’s Watchdog” making sure every dollar was spent wisely. He cut his own budget by one million dollars and returned that money to the taxpayers.

As Governor, Mark will make sure we get real value for every dollar by investing in better education and new jobs—what matters most to Minnesota’s future.


The ad:

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