'Diana: The Musical'

Shrill and frantic, "Diana" wasn't written by Andrew Lloyd Webber (the composers are David Bryan and Joe DiPietro) but the model seems to be Webber's "Evita." Emotions are cranked up to 11 from the get-go, even though the star is the reportedly very shy Diana Spencer at a time when she was a nervous kindergarten teacher. We never get a sense of how ill-prepared she was for royal life because the show plunges right into the publicity frenzy, pitting all-good Diana against all-bad Charles, Camilla and Queen Elizabeth. The filmed version of the musical that opens on Broadway next month offers a picture of what Princess Diana was up against but little sense of who she really was. Netflix



No matter how many times you've heard Anthony Fauci interviewed over the past 18 months, you'll be startled when you hear him curse out those who have threatened his family. The film, which includes praise from George W. Bush and Bono, also captures the country's most high-profile doctor tearing up when he reflects on one of his first AIDS patients. If the goal was to humanize the 80-year-old talking head, filmmakers John Hoffman and Janet Tobias have succeeded. The documentary jumps back and forth through time way too much, but Fauci's dedication to his craft remains steady. Disney Plus


'Pretty Smart'

Emily Osment showed off her comedy chops in "Hannah Montana" and "Young & Hungry," but the talented actor struggles to get laughs in this sitcom about an egghead lacking in street smarts. Her character is supposed to be getting an education from her adorable but dim-witted roommates, but they're all too busy imitating Joey Tribbiani (of "Friends") to conduct class. The producers don't take advantage of its star's knack for slapstick humor. Netflix


'South of Heaven'

The main attraction of this bloody thriller is seeing familiar actors in change-of-pace roles. Jason Sudeikis plays Jimmy, a hard-luck guy who talks his way into an early release from prison so he can make the last year of his dying fiancee's (Evangeline Lilly) life more magical (you kinda just have to go with it on the unlikely premise). Shea Whigham and Mike Colter play lowlifes who complicate Jimmy's mission by involving him in the proverbial "one last job." Things go haywire, as they do in this type of movie. It's all a tad predictable but Sudeikis' subdued performance is hugely likable. On-demand services


'Baker's Dozen'

Those craving a culinary competition series that doesn't require a long time commitment might want to sample this new offering in which a new champ is crowned every episode. Contestants are judged on their abilities to create tarts, pies and custards that could be displayed at an art museum. But the real contest is seeing who can best handle the cliches being served up by host Tamera Mowry-Housley. When she says, "You've got to bake it to make it," you may just lose your appetite. Hulu