Netflix is casting for its biggest reality show "Love is Blind" in Minnesota. The requirements are you're single, ready for a committed relationship and brave enough to put it to the test in front of millions of eyeballs.

Still interested?

You'll have to add your social media accounts and provide personal information, from your eye color and ethnicity to your highest level of education. Applicants should also be open minded, according to a social media post from Kinetic Content, which casts for the show.

The show, which just released it's fourth season on Friday, centers around 15 men and 15 women all from the same area who are ready to find their true match and settle down. The contestants are put into separate pods where they can talk, but can't see each other.

Couples are only able to see each other after they are engaged. What follows are a series of episodes set during their "honeymoon" and then in their hometowns as they meet friends and families.

Other cities the streaming giant is recruiting for are Denver and Washington D.C.

Kinetic Content said it's casting for same-sex couples for another show "Married at First Sight," in which couples first see each other when they get married.