Smooth criminal

Jennifer Love Hewitt is out, former "Ghost Whisperer" co-star Aisha Tyler is in for the 11th season premiere of "Criminal Minds." The role as a forensic psychologist could earn Tyler the title of busiest gal in town, with ongoing commitments to "The Talk," "Archer" and "Whose Line Is it Anyway?" 8 p.m. WCCO, Ch. 4

A bug's life

Paul Rudd isn't the only heroic Ant-Man. The documentary "E.O. Wilson — Of Ants and Men" introduces non-geeks to the Pulitzer Prize-­winning biologist who ranks among the world's leading authorities on insects and human nature. Interesting, but can he finagle a membership into the Avengers? 8 p.m. TPT, Ch. 2

Strong medicine

If you're in need of emergency care, avoid most TV hospitals where doctors seem to think the operating room is a place to show off their Evel Knievel-inspired boldness and disregard for the rules. The digs at "Code Black" are no exception, although the perilous visit is worthwhile just to see the always entertaining Marcia Gay Harden bark at residents who couldn't quite make the cut over at "Grey's Anatomy." 9 p.m. WCCO, Ch. 4

Neal Justin