Aborted flight

Since "Big Birds Can't Fly" is airing on PBS, we expected an exposé on how our beloved "Sesame Street" character never learned how to take flight. But since this is under the "Nature" brand, expect a look at why ostriches, emus and kiwis remain grounded. 7 p.m. TPT, Ch. 2

Bad romance

Lady Gaga checks into "American Horror Story: Hotel," the latest arc in an anthology series that continues to attract A-list talent. Jessica Lange is not being billed as a regular this time around, but don't be surprised if she shows up at some point as the bellhop from hell. 9 p.m. FX

Motor mouth

I had every intention of watching every second of "Jay Leno's Garage," a new series in which the former "Tonight Show" host attempts to spread his love of cars to the masses. But despite the inclusion of comedian Tim Allen, there was no real charge in the first couple of segments for those of us who feel autos are good only for transportation and as a place to store an extra pair of pants. "If you don't know why guys like to burn rubber," Leno says at one point, "stop watching this show right now." So I did. 9 p.m. CNBC

Neal Justin