Hitting the road

In “Chasing the Sun,” host Stephen Friedman takes viewers across the Americas and the Caribbean with stops in Cuba, Ecuador and New York City. Friedman makes sure to point out spots tourists normally don’t hit, but his underwhelming delivery might make you think he’s suffering from jet lag. Those who don’t mind a low-key tour guide can also check out episodes from his trips through Asia on Ovation’s travel-entertainment app, Journy.

6 p.m., Ovation

Playing with fire

The “How to Train Your Dragon” franchise lowers the temperature with “DreamWorks Dragons: Rescue Riders,” an animated series aimed at the very young in age and at heart. In these G-rated excursions, a set of twins and their not-so-ferocious pals (these fire-breathers just might be part of the Teletubbies species) do everything from chopping down trees to extinguishing fires in exchange for warm fuzzies from a Vikings village.

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Get smart

Watching “Explained” or its excellent spinoff “Mind, Explained” will make you seem smarter at dinner parties. Each episode provides just enough information, in easy-to-understand instructions, to make you come across as an expert during casual conversations. Season 2’s subjects include coding, diamonds and athleisure. Minnesotan Vincent Kartheiser is among the high-profile narrators.

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Neal Justin