Crazy in love

When it comes to capturing the magic of musical theater on a weekly basis, TV usually hits all the wrong notes, borrowing more from early MTV than Stephen Sondheim. NBC’s “Smash” got off on the right foot, only to lose the beat. Great songs don’t work unless you have great characters singing them. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” has me optimistic, though, thanks to the action focusing squarely on the multitalented Rachel Bloom, playing a successful lawyer who comes unraveled at the sight of a long-lost love. Cue dynamite dance numbers and a quirky sense of fun. Marc Webb, the director of 2012’s “The Amazing Spider-Man,” is among the producers attempting to pull off a stunt that would intimidate even our friendly neighborhood webslinger. 7 p.m. Monday, WUCW, Ch. 23

Love game

The fact that Steven Soderbergh is an executive producer on “Red Oaks” might lead you to believe that this new series is about ecological terrorists. Not so. Instead, we get a nostalgic, sweet, ’80s-style coming-of-age comedy that could easily be set in the same resort as “Caddyshack.” Craig Roberts plays the Benjamin Braddock-inspired tennis pro who believes his future consists of more than plastics. Now streaming on

Love is all around

A significant slice of viewers under the age of 40 are unfamiliar with the Minneapolis news producer who once turned the world on with her smile. “Mary Tyler Moore: A Celebration,” an unspectacular but satisfying pop culture lesson on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” introduces the iconic character to a younger generation while providing pangs of nostalgia to those old enough to remember spending Saturday nights in the ’70s comforted by Mary and the gang. 7 p.m. Tuesday, TPT, Ch. 2

He is the captain now

Any doubt that “Manhattan” is worth watching should be dashed by the knowledge that Thomas Schlamme is one of the executive producers and directed the Season 2 premiere of the drama about the creation of the atomic bomb. Never heard of him? He won Emmys for directing episodes of “The West Wing” and “Sports Night.” 8 p.m. Tuesday, WGN America

Neal Justin