How he won the West

If John Ford had made only westerns, he'd still be considered a superstar director — and a fairly versatile one at that. A nightlong tribute to the master gives you an opportunity to see different ways he approached the genre, first in the loosey-goosey crowd-pleaser "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance," and then in the grim "The Searchers." John Wayne may be the movie's protagonist, but he's never been more menacing.

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Detention center

British TV thrillers usually rely more on mental games than their American counterparts. That's certainly the formula behind "Cheat," a four-part export about a university professor facing off against a student who goes beyond hurling spitballs to disrupt her classroom.

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Cherry on top

In the first couple episodes of "I'm With the Band: Nasty Cherry," you might think that the members of this all-female group are more interested in partying like rock stars than playing like rock stars. Stick with it. The artists, assembled by Charli XCX, actually have some musical chops, and while they may not become the Next Big Thing, they certainly jam harder than the Monkees.

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Neal Justin