Flying high

Erik Nelson should get a medal for recycling. The filmmaker has rejiggered and restored footage from William Wyler’s 1944 war documentary “Memphis Belle” for “The Cold Blue,” an expanded tribute to the men of the Eighth Air Force, some of whom share their memories in new interviews.

7 p.m. HBO

Orlando blooms

Orlando Soria, the host of “Unspouse My House,” is the brightest star in the HGTV universe. No one else on the channel flirts with the camera — and his clients — with such panache. He may not be the most brilliant designer, but he’s the most prepared to lead his own sitcom. Now if only he’d spend a little more time re-tiling the kitchen and less time raiding the bar.

8:30 p.m. HGTV

Paint by numbers

The docuseries “Hero Ink” takes place in a Houston tattoo shop that specializes in serving first responders from across the country. The artists require both steady hands and good listening skills as each client shares their personal stories while getting inked.

9 p.m. A&E

Neal Justin