Tropic of cancer

Tig Notaro may be the smartest stand-up comic you've never heard of. Her under-rated status will hopefully get an upgrade with "Tig," a new documentary that explores her life, most notably the 2012 groundbreaking performance in which she built a hilarious routine around her recent breast cancer diagnosis. Yes, I said hilarious. Now streaming on Netflix

Drive, she said

James Earl Jones and Angela Lansbury live up to their royal reputations onstage in "Driving Miss Daisy," a taping that captures the intimate nature of Alfred Uhry's story about a fragile friendship that eventually overcomes racial tension in 1960s Georgia. 9 p.m. Fri., TPT, Ch. 2

How'd he get so funky?

You know him from the Steve Martin song and the sold-out museum tours. Now get to really dig deep with "Tut," a six-hour miniseries that paints the boy king as a sympathetic ruler who battles betrayers, including Ben Kingsley in heavy eyeliner. For more on the project, check out an interview with Orono native Michael Vickerman, who co-wrote the film, in Sunday's Variety section. 8 p.m. Sun.-Tue., Spike

O brother, where are thou?

Amy Poehler's brother, Greg, keeps making a valiant effort to emerge from her sister's shadow with the second season of "Welcome to Sweden," a fish-out-of-water story that benefits from Mr. Poehler's dweebish reactions to living on foreign land and clever appearances from game guest stars like Jason Priestley and Neve Campbell. 7 p.m. Sun., KARE, Ch. 11

Neal Justin