Let's get physical

"Hercules: The Legendary Journeys," starring Minnesota native Kevin Sorbo, gets another workout with reruns airing weeknights, followed by "Xena: Warrior Princess." If this double dose of brawn doesn't compel you to hit the gym after dinner, nothing will. 5 p.m. Heroes & Icons Network

And don't call me Shirley

If the nonstop silliness of "Angie Tribeca" seems familiar, it may be because it was previously adapted by "Sledgehammer!" and "Police Squad," two sitcoms on ABC that had short lives but die-hard fans. Is the new series, co-produced by Steve Carell, a tribute or a rip-off? Minnesota's Pat Proft, a writer for "Squad," told me he can't say for sure, since he can't bring himself to watch a series that may kill any remaining chances for a "Squad" revival. Judge for yourself. 8 p.m. TBS

Feeling Minnesota

Comedians' praise for Twin Cities audiences might just be hollow words if so many didn't back it up by taping their stand-up specials here. Hannibal Buress is the latest to go that route with "Comedy Camisado," filmed last year at the Varsity Theater. Buress said last month that Minneapolis audiences embraced him before the rest of the country did. Consider the special a reward for our good taste. Now streaming on Netflix

Neal Justin