Bad Grandma

June Squibb has turned her late-in-life Oscar nomination for "Nebraska" into a steady stream of sitcom appearances, which isn't as sad as it sounds. She plays Sheldon's much discussed, but never before seen, grandmother on "The Big Bang Theory." Meemaw almost immediately bumps heads with Amy, played by Mayim Bialik, whom we continue to adore despite the fact she refuses to bring back the "Blossom" dance. 7 p.m. WCCO, Ch. 4

Super Bowl Shuffle

The Chicago Bears, who came about as close to making the Super Bowl this year as my bowling team, are profiled at the height of their growl in "30 for 30: The '85 Bears." The documentary was coproduced by Vince Vaughn, who grew up in Chicago but was born in Minneapolis. Does that mean a three-minute film on the Vikings is in his future? 8 p.m. ESPN

Regarding J.J.

"The Force Awakens" doesn't mark the first time Harrison Ford and director J.J. Abrams have worked together. The director was just a Jedi in training when the actor signed off his screenplay for 1991's "Regarding Henry," which gets terribly sentimental despite the fact that it was directed by Mike Nichols. Look for Abrams making a cameo as the Delivery Boy. 8 p.m. POP

Neal Justin