Home for Christmas

The Arnold Schwarzenegger sleigh ride "Jingle All the Way" got lumps of coal from critics when it was released in 1996, but it will always hit the sweet spot for forgiving Minnesotans, if only for the way it took full advantage of shooting in the Twin Cities. The late Phil Hartman is also terrific. 7 p.m. AMC

Frankly speaking

The 100th birthday of Frank Sinatra has mostly been cause to celebrate his music, but let's not completely overlook his contributions to the movies, which would have been even more significant if he had used better judgment ("Some Like it Hot" was his for the taking). TCM is saluting the performer every Wednesday this month. The best offering this week: "On the Town," a musical that manages to be upbeat despite the presence of war looming over the heads of lovestruck sailors. 8 p.m. TCM

Smooth talker

Bravo frontman Andy Cohen may not be getting a gilded invitation to join press clubs, but he's turned out to be a dynamite interviewer, especially when he's not forced to make idle conversation with "real" housewives. "Then and Now With Andy Cohen" gives the host/executive a chance to stretch even as his idea of exploring history includes studying the influence of MTV's "House of Style" and the miracle of Botox. 9 p.m. Bravo

Neal Justin