The wolf at the door

Any negative comments that Michelle Wolf got from her 2018 gig as celebrity roaster during the White House Correspondents Dinner didn’t curb her enthusiasm for edgy material. In a one-hour special, “Michelle Wolf: Joke Show,” the comic muses on seals being raped by otters, men having periods and other bits designed to make you squirm. “I’d rather talk about my abortion than your gluten allergy,” she says.

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Perfect harmony

“Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements,” a documentary about a child bonding with his grandfather over their shared deafness, may seem like an off-key way to honor Ludwig Van Beethoven’s upcoming 250th birthday, but Emmy-winning filmmaker Irene Taylor Brodsky somehow makes it work.

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Space balls

Like “In Living Color,” the new series “Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show” features an almost entirely black cast. But while there are bits you could easily imagine Damon Wayans digging, like one that imagines Kat Williams teaching Shakespeare to high school students, this outing is more interested in social commentary that will resonate strongly with the African-American community.

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Neal Justin